Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008


PT: This is for you.
PT drops into my hand a mint broken into at least 6 peices. its covered in dirt or dust or something.
ME: thanks. I think.
PT: Yeah. the only reason i got it was for you, cuz i dont like mints. I even broke it in half so you can have half and rafi can have half.
ME: yeah, i noticed it was a... little broken up.(looking at mint)
PT: auctually its broken in hlaf cuz i dropped it on the floor cuz i didn't like mints. (smiles)
ME: okay, well, thanks PT. I guess i'll save it for future generations.
PT: Yeah me too! ive been saving that for like a month!
ME:(looks back at mint).
PT: You know where i was saving it?
PT: My shoe!
ME: (puts mint on counter). oh. um. do you think i should still eat it?
PT: Yeah. I would. (frowns). except i dont like mints.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Avatar

performing live from Bekius class! You can see some of Masechtas Megillah on the right side there.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my shiny new watch covered in dew

my shiny new watch covered in dew
how i love, how i adore you
always give me the exact time of day
with flash and class, your own special way
exact to a fraction
an awesome transaction
im so glad i bought you today.

for 15 bucks.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Close Encounters

The day started out normal. Woke up, davened, ate, did my daily routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mom wanted me to come with her on a run to the door store. Sounded like a low risk mission. I didn't expect any trouble.
When we entered the store i noticed two things.
1) countless ripped up catnips littering the floor
2) a brown-white cat chewing on one.
Oh, i thought. A cat. That's nice. Back to work. Little did I know the cat took a much bigger interest in me.
Or rather, my shoelaces.
After consulting the store attendant, Mom and I moved to the counter to make some last minute arrangments. As we stood talking, i noticed the slink closer and closer. It stealthily crawled up to me, looked at my shoe, and started licking it.
um. whatever. I didn't find anything wrong with this.
Then it's gaze shifted up the laces on my shoe. It studied them for a while, then lashed out with its claws. they unknotted and fell to the floor. The cat looked at them again, now untangled, and decided that one of them was a mouse tail. It backed up and fell into a crouch.
That cant be good, I thought.
The cat pounced.
At around this point Mom and the attendant noticed, and the attendant started shouting at the cat. It didn't listen. The cat came down claws first, grabbing and tearing at the laces, gnawing and trying to bite a peice off. The attendant realized she had to take action before the cat killed me. She took a peice of paper and shook it.
The cat immiedtietly bounded off, covering half the room in a flash, and stood in a corner, unperturbed.
We wasted no time leaving (like another ten minutes). I came very close there.
Too close.